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Badlands, South Dakota - photo courtesy of South Dakota Dept. of Tourism
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Classic Plus
Black Hills Classic Plus

A more-ambitious version of the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore tour, this 7-day trip features hiking, a hot springs visit, and plenty of miles on the bike.

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Black Hills Classic Plus

Devils Tower National Monument, South Dakota. Photo: Bicycle Adventures Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota. Photo: Bicycle Adventures South Dakota sunset. Photo: Bicycle Adventures Crazy Horse, as seen on Bicycle Adventures' South Dakota bike tours. Photo: Bob Cullen. Flatiron Historic Sandstone Inn, on Bicycle Adventures' South Dakota bicycle tours. Photo: Bob Cullen. Devils Tower, on Bicycle Adventures' South Dakota Classic Plus bike tour. Photo: Bob Cullen.

The Black Hills. The legendary Badlands. Mount Rushmore and the Great Plains. Ride an average of 60 miles per day through this incredible region: pedal the deep gorges and past the eerily sharp spires of Badlands National Park, past herds of bison and the insanely enormous profiles of Mt. Rushmore. Explore Crazy Horse Memorial and Custer State Park. Ride to Devils Tower, famous for its appearance in the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Visit more National Parks and National Historic Sites than on any other Bicycle Adventures tour.†From historic pubs to Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane, this tour of the West packs in both miles and memories.†

National Parks on This Tour: Badlands National Park | Mt. Rushmore National Memorial | Wind Cave National Park†| Devils Tower National Monument

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Ride 65 miles through the Badlands to finish in the town of Scenic, South Dakota. (No kidding. That's the real name.)

A stunningly beautiful 244,000-acre preserve of mixed-grass prairie surrounding needled buttes, pinnacles and spires, the Badlands are hauntingly beautiful. They contain one of the worldís richest fossil beds, as the region was once covered by a warm, shallow sea. Saber-toothed cat, rhino and wild horses once roamed here; today it's home to bison, bighorn sheep, prairie dogs, and black-footed ferret. Bicycle through these wonders, then spend tonight at the Red Rock River Resort. 


Explore an active mammoth dig and one of the world's longest caves. Ride Custer State Park's Wildlife Loop from Hot Springs to State Game Lodge.

Ride to Mammoth Hot Springs Site of South Dakota this morning, where you'll find the world's largest concentration of mammoth remains (60-plus!). After a tour, hop back on the bike to head to Wind Cave, one of the world's largest. It's renowned for its unusual 'boxwork' and 'frostwork' rock formations. After lunch, ride to 71,000-acre Custer State Park and take in the southern section's Wildlife Loop Road. Ponderosa pine-studded hills are home to some 1,300 bison, plus pronghorn antelope, mountain goat, deer, elk, wild turkey and a band of friendly burros. Tomorrow: bike the famous northern loop to Mt. Rushmore.


Ride Iron Mountain Road to Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. Then cruise the Needles Highway to Sylvan Lake Lodge.

Today's amazing roads were marked out in 1922 on foot and horseback by South Dakota's governor, Peter Norbeck. Ride these historic curves through meadows surrounded by birch, aspen and rugged granite mountains and needle-like granite formations, pine and spruce forests. It's famous for its tunnels: 11 tunnels in all today. Ride through all of them and right up to the jaw-dropping face of Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. Governor Norbeck felt walking these roads was the best way to take in the sights, but we think a bike is a pretty good alternative. 


Rest day: Hike Harney Peak. Visit Crazy Horse. Or maybe just relax.

Hike to Harney Peak today: at 7,200' of elevation, it's the highest point east of the Rockies. Visit the Crazy Horse Memorial, world's largest sculpture-in-progress. If you'd rather be on the bike, ride to picturesque Hill City, a former mining town that is the oldest in Pennington County. Not up for either? Spend the day relaxing at the lake. 


Ride 50 miles to the gold-rush era town of Deadwood.

Deadwood is the Lawrence County seat and a National Historic Landmark District, a former wild-and-wooly goldrush town that hosted the likes of Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane. Tonight and tomorrow, stay at the historic Deadwood Mountain Grand. 


Bike Spearfish National Scenic Byway to Devils Tower National Monument - 50-90 miles.

Thousand-foot-high limestone palisades in shades of brown, pink and gray tower over Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway. Enjoy bicycling its wide shoulders and uniform 3% grade (Bicycling Magazine named Spearfish Canyon one of the top 50 scenic bike paths in the country!) Keep riding to Devils Tower National Monument, made famous by the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Once you're sufficiently awed, we'll shuttle back to Deadwood.


Ride from your hotel in Deadwood via Nemo Road and into Rapid City for a final celebration at the Historic Alex Johnson Hotel.

Known as one of the best-kept secrets in South Dakota, Nemo Road wends its way through lovely scenery with good shoulders and low traffic. Tie your bike to the hitching post outside the Guest Ranch Store in Nemo, South Dakota for an historic photo opportunity. Finish the week by riding the rest of the way back to Rapid City. 

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Black Hills Classic Plus

Trip Details

Included Activities

Biking (bikes included), hiking, hot springs, Mt. Rushmore


7 days - Sunday to Saturday


Intermediate to Advanced


Meals included: All breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners

Daily Mileage

Standard route average 60, range 40 - 80


Rapid City, South Dakota

2019 Departures

August 25.



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As an optional extra, a person traveling solo on any inn-to-inn trip may reserve a room for his or her exclusive use. This will guarantee you a private room and private bath every night. Unlike other tour companies, if you're willing to share a room, there is no extra charge for coming solo, no matter when you sign up for the tour - even if you wind up with a private room by default.



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