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Our Bikes

Quality Road Bikes And Hybrid Bikes

We use the best hybrid and road bicycles in the touring industry. A good fit is imperative to enjoying your bicycle vacation. We start with a fleet of premium quality, lightweight bicycles with frame sizes ranging in 1 or 2 cm increments from 45 to 62 cm on road bikes. Hybrid bike sizes range in one inch increments from 15 to 22.5 inches. Our road bikes have 20 speed Shimano 105 compact double gearing and a wide range rear cassette while our hybrids feature Shimano Deore 27 speed components. Since almost all our trips originate from our main warehouse in Seattle, your Head Guide can choose from more than 400 bicycles to find the one that's sized just right for you. Child-sized bicycles, trail-a-bikes, and child trailers are available on family trips. On the first day of each tour, our guides fit the bike to your specifications and if they can't get the fit just right, we typically carry a couple of extra sizes. We try to make sure we have the right size and type of bike you need to enjoy your cycling vacation.

Bikes Equipped With Cyclometers, Front Packs, Seat Packs, And Two Water Bottles

Your bike will have a small seat pack, a removable front handlebar pack with map case, and two water bottles. Rear rack packs are available if requested prior to the trip, as are rear-view mirrors. Each bicycle also comes equipped with a frame-mounted bicycle pump, two spare tubes, and three tire levers in your seat pack, a small lock and cable in your front pack, and a cyclometer mounted on the handlebars. The cyclometer electronically displays current speed and daily trip distance traveled. Our written directions define route turns by description and mileage from the lodge, making a cyclometer on your bike a very handy navigational aid.

Choose From A Variety Of Saddles

We have a variety of bicycle saddles to choose from - male-female or racing-touring (softer). Most bicycles will be set up with a touring saddle. We will have a few extra saddles on hand at the start of your trip in case you want to switch. If you prefer you can bring your own saddle from your bike at home, and have us install it on your bicycle.

You May Bring Your Own Clipless Pedals

If you are used to riding a bicycle with clipless pedals but want to use one of our bicycles, unscrew the pedals from your bike and bring them (and the corresponding cycling shoes) with you. We'll install your personal pedals on one of our bikes for you.

Bikes Tuned Up Before Tour, Professionally Overhauled Yearly

Your leader will tune up your bicycle before your trip in our professional bicycle shop, and our professional bicycle mechanics completely overhaul every bicycle at least once a year. Should your front wheel find a hole your eyes missed or should any other mechanical mishap occur during the trip, we'll keep you going at no extra charge by either fixing the bike we provide, fixing your bike or letting you use one of the spare bicycles we bring on each trip.

Hybrid Bicycles

Our most popular bicycle is the hybrid, or cross bicycle - a cross between a road and mountain bicycle. The frame is similar to a road bike, but the handlebars are upright like a mountain bike. The tires are wider (700 x 35) than a road bike but are designed for riding on pavement. It's reasonably lightweight, and the cyclist rides in a more upright position that is easier on the back, shoulders, and neck. This design is available in diamond and mixte (woman's) frames. These bikes have 24 to 27 speeds, removable toe clips, and lots of easy gears.

Road Bicycles

Experienced cyclists usually prefer a road bicycle with the standard diamond frame and dropped (racing) handlebars. This is the lightest and fastest type of bike, and it puts the rider in the most muscle-efficient and aerodynamic riding position. They have 20 speeds, narrow tires, and removable toe clips. Gearing is typically a compact double chainring in front (50/34) with a ten-speed cassette in the rear (11-28 or 30).

Most of our road bikes have standard size wheels (700 cm). We also have compact bikes with smaller wheels (650 cm) that will accommodate frames especially designed to fit shorter cyclists. These bikes are available in 43 and 44cm frame sizes, which fit a 4 ft - 8 inch or 4 ft - 10 inch rider perfectly.